The Loxone Miniserver is the main brain of a Loxone system acting as a central point of control for your home & building automation. It can look after everything from simple lighting to intelligent zoned heating control.



The Miniserver has:

  • 8 Digital Outputs
    – max. 250VAC/10A cos?=1
    – max. 30VDC/10A
  • 8 Digital Inputs 6VDC … 24VDC
  • 4 Analogue Inputs 0-10V
  • Loxone Link interface (max. 30 Extensions)
  • Loxone Tree interface (max. 50 Tree devices) + Tree Intercommunication
  • LAN Connection (IPv4/IPv6, SSL, 100Mbps)
  • Power supply interface 19.2VDC … 30VDC (PELV)
  • DIN rail mounting (9 TE)

Flexible & Expandable
Up to 30 Extensions can be added to the Miniserver via the Loxone Link – offering an exceptional amount of flexibility and expandability. With this versatility, the Miniserver can meet the demands of building automation for single houses, developments, commercial buildings, customer applications, and more – making it a great all-rounder.


  • 1x Loxone Miniserver
  • 1x 120 Ohm Terminating Resistor for Link
  • 1x Product Insert
  • 1x Loxone Sticker
  • 1x Industrial grade 8GB Micro-SD memory card (We advise you to only use SD cards from Loxone)
  • 1x Tree installation tool (used when pressing the Tree cable into the clamps of a Valve Actuator Tree)


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