DI Extension

The new DI Extension offers 20 digital inputs in a device that is the size of just two breaker units. It is perfect for accommodating the wiring for sensors and those third-party switches. Plus, you can also use the inputs as frequency counters for signals up to 250Hz.


  • 20 digital inputs
  • Saves space
  • For sensors and third-party switches
  • Frequency counter for signals up to 250Hz
  • Designed specifically for use in a Loxone Smart Home
  • CE certified and tested

Versatile and Individually Addressable

With the new DI Extension, the integration of additional switches and sensors just got a whole lot easier. It makes the planning of your next Loxone install that much easier. If that was not enough, you can also use the digital inputs as a frequency counter for signals up to 250Hz

So many inputs, so little space…

We’ve packed an impressive 20 digital inputs into this mighty extension, but not at the cost of space. This extension is the size of just two breaker units.

Certified and tested for your safety

The DI Extension meets all CE safety standards while maintaining a compact, ergonomic design. With 20 digital inputs, it is now easier for you to achieve the Loxone Switch Standard if you’re using third-party switches.


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