Micro SD card with firmware Miniserver Gen. 2

The SD card is suitable for the Miniserver and Miniserver Go. Note: A different card with firmware suitable for the Miniserver Gen.1 is also available.


  • 8GB incl. SD card adapter
  • allows you to update a Miniserver without a network connection
  • high-quality Industrial SD card (up to 60 times longer life span than conventional SD cards)

SD cards have their own CPU which manages the flash memory. For maximum performance, Loxone OS accesses many low-level functions of the card, unlike e.g. a digital camera. SD cards undergo several weeks of quality testing at Loxone before they are released for use in the Miniserver and for sale. Please use only SD cards approved by Loxone. There is no guarantee when using other SD cards, and the stability of the Miniserver is also affected.


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