Warm White LED Strip 5m- IP20 (touchproof)

LED Strip with 300 Warm White LEDs. The strip can be divided at intervals and also extended.

  • Bright and highly energy efficient LEDs
  • Low power consumption
  • Can be divided and extended


This Warm White LED Strip is ideal for the creation of different coloured light scenes for indirect lighting in your home, office, restaurant, etc. With the LED strip you can make different lighting scenes in warm shades of white. The LEDs are highly luminous and also energy-saving. The strip can be divided every 6 LEDs (approx. 10 cm) and can also be extended.

Control with Loxone:
The Warm White LED strip can be connected to the RGBW Dimmer Air / RGBW Dimmer Tree to allow dimmable control. This will require either an Air Base Extension or a Tree Extension.


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