Tedee Pro Set + Bridge + Cylinder

The complete tedee set contains a smart lock, certified cylinder for your door, Wi-Fi bridge, and all accessories.




Don’t look for keys anymore

Unlock the door with an app.

Come home to an open door

It unlocks when you get back into Bluetooth range.

Never worry if you locked

It locks automatically. Press it to open. Leave the houseForget!

Integrate with a smart home system

Makes your lock a part of scenesautomated with your favourite standard.

Tell voice assistant to open

Bridge enables to control the lock asking Google Assistant and Alexa on enabled devices.

Unlock remotely

Let friends, family or services into your home – from wherever you are. 

Share the access

Let others enter your home: permanently, periodically, or just once.

Keep the history

See who and when used the lock.

Control your business

No more keys and cards: let employees use smartphones, manage their access with an app. 



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