Smoke Detector Air

The new smoke detector with integrated Air technology ensures greater safety!

  • Optical detection principle
  • For early fire detection
  • Operates autonomously
  • With Loxone Air module for integration into a Loxone system
  • Includes 10 year, long-life battery


Intelligent smoke measuring system
The Smoke Detector Air safely and reliably detects smoke with its professional smoke measurement system, issuing a warning in emergency situations. The intelligent smoke measurement also takes into account temperature fluctuations.

Reliable in an emergency
The stand-alone smoke alarm alerts you with a loud siren and flashing LED. The smoke detector is independently powered, which means it will still work in the event of a power outage.

Quantity and position of smoke alarms
If you require building regulation sign-off, the installation of smoke alarms needs to also adhere to BS 5839-6:2004. This is referenced in the Fire Safety requirements outlined in The Building Regulations 2010; Position of heat and smoke alarms: 1.10-1.18.As part of a retrofit, there are various considerations for the quantity and placement of smoke detectors. In such a project, although the above-mentioned regulations do not need to be met (as part of existing buildings where material alterations are not being made) ? you may wish to place smoke detectors in the following areas:Bedrooms, Conservatories, Living rooms and Hallways & landings

Integrates perfectly but works as a stand-alone device
Thanks to the integrated Loxone Air module, the smoke alarm can be connected to the Loxone system. In an emergency, a signal is sent to the Miniserver via Loxone Air technology, allowing it to send further warnings: Opening blinds, switching on emergency lighting, a call to your phone.

Battery status
A long-life battery is included in the Smoke Detector Air package. The battery status is consistently sent to the Miniserver and can be checked in the app or web interface at any time. When the battery begins to run low, you can be sure that your Miniserver will alert you: either by a phone call from the Loxone Caller Service, by e-mail from our Loxone Mailer Service or with a flashing light ? whichever will best remind you to change the battery!


  • 1x Smoke Detector Air
  • 1x 10-year lithium battery
  • Mounting hardware (dowels and screws)


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