Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro

The evolution of opening doors: Our electronic door lock with integrated remote access and battery pack for full power.


The Nuki Smart Lock turns your smartphone into a smart key.

Open doors with Auto Unlock

Open your smart door with your smartphone, smartwatch or automatically with Auto Unlock.

Easy to install

The electronic door lock is mounted on the door from the inside. No screwing or drilling required.

Always keep track of things

Use the Nuki app to monitor who has come and gone while you’re at work, on the go, or on holiday.

Assign secure access permissions

Share digital keys for your Nuki Smart Lock with family and friends with ease using the app.


Say hello to Wi-Fi

The Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module. Control your door remotely online and assign secure access permissions on the go.

More power for your Smart Lock

The smart door lock now comes with the Nuki Power Pack included as standard – the sustainable alternative to batteries.

Elegant design in two colours

The Nuki Smart Lock is now also available in white. Combined with the aluminium finish of the rotary knob, you can give your front door a touch of simple elegance.

Easy to mount on the inside of your door

The Nuki Smart Lock is mounted on the door from the inside and is immediately ready to use.




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