LED Spot RGBW Tree White

The new Loxone RGBW LED Spot Tree offers focused warm white light and diffuse coloured light to provide an incomparable lighting experience. This spot offers a fire-rating to suit varying construction types.


  • Fire rated to BS 476-20 (60 minutes)
  • Focused warm white light
  • Diffused RGB light
  • Low installation profile (40mm)
  • High light output
  • Average life span of 25 years
  • Smooth dimming curve

With the all-new LED Spot RGBW Tree, you can expect the ideal lighting output for any room. With exceptional natural colour rendering and full, smooth dimming, the lights can adapt to suit any occasion. The LED Spot RGBW not only impresses with a sleek, timeless design ? but it also boasts RGB and White LEDs. Whether you?re looking for ambient, task or accent lighting; the LED Spot RGBW Tree is a fantastic option. With the full, smooth dimming range and choice of millions of colours, the LED Spot RGBW Tree is suitable for any room, including:Bathroom, Living Room & Kitchen. The LED Spot RGBW Tree is fire-rated to meet the requirements of UL263 & BS 476-20 (60 minutes).It is clear that with the LED Spot RGBW Tree, you can completely change the look and feel of a room. Despite this level of flexibility and boasting separate red, green, blue and white channels ? the spot remains energy-efficient. Great for setting the mood, and for your energy bill.


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