LED Pendulum Slim PWM White

A beautiful luminaire for any setting: the Loxone LED Pendulum Slim. The clever lighting architecture and the sophisticated design make this lamp elegantly unique.


  • Timeless, elegant design
  • Unique lighting architecture
  • Unlimited number of applications
  • Allows for gentle dimming
  • Rapid installation

The Pendulum Slim fits beautifully into your Loxone installation. Through a careful design and manufacturing process, we have ensured 100% compatibility with all Loxone systems ? new and existing.

Ultra energy efficiency
With the LED Pendulum Slim, a warm, feel-good atmosphere is created through the use of colour lighting. Thanks to the incorporation of separate channels for red, green, blue and warm white (RGBW), there are endless possibilities for your colour lighting. What?s more, the Pendulum Slim is ultra energy efficient, looking after your energy bills as well as the environment.

Smooth, gentle dimming
By using the Pendulum Slim in conjunction with the Loxone RGBW Dimmer Tree / Air you achieve a soft, gentle dimming curve compared to conventional dimming types. Alternatively, opt for the new Pendulum Slim Tree with a built-in dimmer that delivers that same smooth, gentle dimming curve.

Ready-to-go in record time
Detailed thought has gone into the development of this product and its variants. Coupled with a strong suite of software and supporting hardware, the ease-of-install for our skilled Partners to commission a Loxone system is continually improving. As an added touch, gloves are supplied with the Pendulum Slim to ensure no annoying fingerprints are left on the luminaire from the installation process.

Stunning light, made simple
Thanks to its simple and elegant design, the Pendulum Slim can instantly become the centrepiece of any room. Depending on the size of a room, a different number of luminaires are needed to achieve the lighting mood that you want, however, the high light output means that only a few are needed to brighten up a room. Talk to your Loxone Partner about the different options available to you.

The recommended distance from the base of a luminaire to the table is 70cm. We also recommend a distance of 60 cm between luminaires.


  • 1x LED Pendulum Slim (PWM or Tree)
  • 1x Fabric covered cable of 2m
  • Lever Connectors
  • PWM variant: 5x
  • Tree variant: 4x
  • 2x Wall plugs with screws
  • 2x Gloves


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