The most flexible audio solution for any building

The Audioserver is the most flexible audio solution for any building – making it perfect for electricians and audio professionals alike. A compact form factor with impressive performance and containing 4 amplifier outputs.

  • Rich and clear sound for all speaker types
  • Truly expandable using Stereo Extensions and additional Audioservers
  • Play audio via Spotify, TuneIn, AirPlay 2, SD Card, USB, Line-In, Network
  • Flexible multiroom setup with extensive audio zone groupings
  • Reliable and maintenance-free
  • Completely configurable with Loxone Config
  • 4x Amplifier Outputs
  • Can deliver a stereo output or downmix stereo audio to mono – also offers SPDIF out
  • Tree Turbo interface (max. 10 Stereo Extensions)
  • DIN-rail mounting (9 TE)
  • Power supply: 18VDC…26VDC
  • Low power consumption of 2 Watts when idle


The Audioserver – the most flexible audio solution for any building

The Audioserver is not a speaker – it?s the intelligent power behind your wired speakers. When combined with high-quality speakers the Audioserver forms the basis for rich and clear sound. Whether it?s relaxing background music or a powerful party playlist ? the Audioserver has got you covered.

It?s 4 integrated amplifier outputs can be used to create extensive audio zone groupings ? bringing music into any room. The inherent expandability of the Audioserver means that it gives you an extremely versatile and scalable solution.

The Audioserver can be installed in almost any type of building enabling a wide range of functionality ? whether that?s a powerful alarm system in a restaurant, an intelligent doorbell in a smart home or customisable announcements in an office.

Thanks to high-quality hardware and specifically designed software the Audioserver is exceptionally reliable and maintenance-free.

LAN interface for communication with the Miniserver
– Network sharing of media
– 100Mbps
– IPv4/IPv6

Supported formats (Network sharing, USB, SD card)
– MP3
– Flac
– WMA lossless
– M4A

4x Amplifier outputs
– 4 … 8Ω
– 20Hz … 20kHz
– Max. peak performance
50W per channel
– Max. RMS power
18W per channel
– Type: Class D

USB 2.0 Type A for locally saved audio
– USB Sticks: FAT32, single partition, max. 512GB
– USB HHD: FAT32/NTFS/EXT3/EXT4, max 1TB, max. 500mA

Micro SD card slot for locally saved audio
– 8GB Industrial Micro SD card

Line-In (analogue)

Line-Out (analogue)

SPDIF-Out (digital, electrical)

Sample rate
up to 192kHz

Tree Turbo for up to 10 Stereo Extensions, up to 150m in cable length

Power supply: 18VDC?26VDC

Extremely versatile,impressively scalable
The Audioserver can be expanded with up to 10 Stereo Extensions or 20 amplifier outputs* via our specially developed Tree Turbo interface. For larger installations, you can use several Audioservers on the same network – giving you unparalleled levels of expandability.


  • 1x Audioserver
  • 1x 8GB Industrial Micro SD card (we recommend only using SD cards from Loxone)


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