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Room Climate (Heating + Cooling)

Wouldn’t it be nice if your rooms were always at the perfect temperature? Well with our intelligent heating (and cooling) control you can completely automate your heating schedule to ensure each room is always at the desired temperature.​


Loxone offers you endless flexibility – combine different light sources to create completely personal lighting moods. Each light source can act independently which lets you get extremely creative with your moods. Amazing contrast can be created by using, for example, spotlights as your primary source of light however then LED tape to add accent lighting to the room.​

Multiroom Audio

A Loxone multiroom audio system helps you create the perfect atmosphere – whatever the occasion. Set individual room playlists so that the right music is always playing, be woken up by your favourite song, set a personalised doorbell sound and much more...​


An interconnected system is an energy-efficient system. With Loxone the heating, cooling, blinds, ventilation and even the lighting will all work together in harmony to maximise your energy savings.​


Whether it’s Venetian blinds, roller blinds, Roman blind, shutters or curtains a Loxone automated smart blind system saves you from constantly having to adjust your blinds. However, that’s not all it does. It uses solar energy to heat your rooms cost-effectively, protects you and your privacy, automatically ensures comfortable temperatures and much more.​


Due to the flexibility of a Loxone access control solution, you can achieve almost anything. Children in bed? Switch from a doorbell ring to flashing lights to let you know that someone is at the door. Delivery coming whilst you’re out? Open the garage or front door from wherever you are via the Loxone App. The possibilities are endless.​


Buildings equipped with Loxone detect a wide range of dangers such as fires, water leaks or even burglary attempts and alert you immediately. Giving you peace of mind knowing that you’ve got a comprehensive security system.​

Custom Applications

Regardless of how unique your project is, Loxone can offer you high-levels of automation as a customised building management system. The Loxone Miniserver – the brain of the system – is intelligent enough to process detailed logic, so individual requirements are no issue whatsoever.​


Having a pool can be brilliant but there is a high level of maintenance that comes with it: regulating pH values, treating water, filtering, backwashing, rinsing – just to name a few. However, with Loxone this is all automatically taken care of so you can enjoy all the positives of pool ownership without any of the negatives.​


Whether it’s remote access, child safety, or simply getting your sauna to the perfect temperature – Loxone has got you covered. With intelligent control, you simply get more out of your sauna so you can just kick back and relax.​


Unlike other systems with Loxone there is no storage or processing of your data in a cloud. Sensitive data, such as the number of people at home, schedules, camera images of door intercom systems, the status of the alarm system, etc. remain in your own four walls.​

Ambient Assisted Living

Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) is a term used to describe unobtrusive monitoring and support for elderly people to allow them to live as independently as possible. These days, the right technology can be individually adapted and customised to support individuals with the everyday tasks that they might need help with.

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